WMF Empowerment Through Education Scholarships for Developing Country Students

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The Wells Mountain Foundation is a beacon of hope in a time when education is the cornerstone of empowerment and development. WMF’s flagship program, the Empowerment through Education (ETE), Scholarship Program, is committed to creating positive change in society by providing access to higher education to those who would otherwise be marginalized. This scholarship is not only designed to ease financial burdens but also to develop a cadre of leaders who can inspire change in their communities.

Scholarship Overview


Purpose At the core of the ETE Scholarship is a commitment to empowering individuals via education. WMF supports students in developing countries to pursue undergraduate degrees. This is done to provide them with the skills, knowledge and values they need to contribute to society.

Value The ETE Scholarship offers more than a path to education. It provides a comprehensive system of support. The ETE Scholarship provides financial support to cover tuition fees, essential learning materials, and books. In some cases, it also covers living expenses.

Duration : The scholarship is typically offered to students for the duration of their undergraduate degree, and may be extended based on performance in the classroom or continued need. This reinforces WMF’s commitment towards sustained educational development.

Criteria for Eligibility

WMF has developed clear criteria for identifying and supporting students who show not only academic ability but also a commitment to leadership and community service.

  • Nationality/Residency: Applicants must hail from developing countries, underscoring the foundation’s focus on regions where access to quality education is most limited.
  • Academic level The scholarship is for individuals who are seeking to begin or continue their undergraduate education. It emphasizes the foundation’s commitment to foundational higher education.
  • Field of Study: Preference will be given to those fields of study that promise to improve the socio-economic development of communities. This includes but is not limited to, health, education, and social work.
  • Academic Achievements: Scholars are expected to have a strong academic record, as well as a commitment to community service, leadership positions, and an innate desire to empower communities.

Application Process

WMF scholars are selected through a rigorous application process that aims to identify those who best embody the WMF ethos:

  • Deadline for Applications: The deadline for applications is typically early April. All applicants are encouraged to submit their application well before the deadline to be considered.
  • Documents Required A complete application must include academic transcripts, two letters of recommendation, an essay outlining the applicant’s commitment to community involvement and goals, as well as evidence of extracurricular or community service.
  • Application form: Located on the WMF’s website, this application is the first step of the journey. It invites candidates to share their stories, aspirations, and dedication to make a difference.
  • Selection process After a thorough review, candidates will be shortlisted based on their academic performance, community involvement, and leadership potential. As part of the final phase of selection, shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.

Scholarship Benefits


The WMF Empowerment Through Education Scholarship offers more than financial assistance. It is a comprehensive system of support designed to encourage academic and personal excellence.

  • Financial Assistance The scholarship covers tuition, books, and other essential supplies for academic purposes. Some scholars also receive financial support for their living expenses. This allows them to focus on their studies.
  • Training and Mentorship: WMF recognizes the importance of guidance and pairs scholars with mentors who provide academic guidance, career guidance, and personal support. Mentorship is essential for navigating through challenges and maximizing educational opportunities.
  • Community of Scholars: The WMF community offers support and collaboration to its members, as well as a forum for the exchange of ideas. This network continues to be a valuable resource even after graduation.

Success Stories

It is through the stories of ETE Scholarship recipients that we can best illustrate the impact of this scholarship. These individuals have made a tangible difference in their communities.

  • Example 2Amina is a scholarship winner from Uganda who used her degree in Environmental Science in her village to implement sustainable farming techniques, improving local livelihoods and food security. Amina attributes her ETE Scholarship to her education, but also her leadership skills which have helped her become a champion in her community.
  • Example 1From Colombia, Carlos pursued Engineering under the ETE Scholarship. Since then, he has developed low-cost systems to purify water for his community and addressed the issue of clean drinking water. Carlos’s story shows how the scholarship can empower practical and life-changing solutions.

How to make your application stand out

Here are some strategies to improve your application, given the competition for the scholarship:

  • Academic excellence: Highlight your academic achievements and any awards you have received. Your commitment to excellence and learning is demonstrated by a strong academic record.
  • Community Engagement: Describe your involvement in service to the community and development projects. WMF looks for candidates with a track record of contribution to their community.
  • Personal essay Your statement is the voice of your application. You can use it to tell your story, to express your aspirations, and to explain how you will use your education to empower your community. Be genuine and explain how the scholarship will help you achieve your goals.


Many applicants have questions about the ETE Scholarship.

  • Q: Can you apply if you’re already enrolled at a university or college?
    • The scholarship is available to new and continuing undergraduates.
  • Q: Does the age limit apply to applicants?
    • The scholarship is primarily for young adults who are ready to start or continue their undergraduate education.
  • The scholarship can be used at any university in the world.
    • Students who study in their own country or region are given preference, provided that the institution and the program they choose align with the goals of the scholarship.

The conclusion of the article is:

The WMF Empowerment Through Education Scholarships are a testament to a deep belief in education’s power as a catalyst of change. WMF invests not only in the future of students but also in a broader vision for global development and empowerment. The WMF encourages aspiring scholars to take advantage of this unique opportunity to transform themselves and their communities.

Contact Information

For more information about the application process, eligibility criteria, or any other inquiries, please visit the Wells Mountain Foundation’s official website or contact their scholarship department directly through email at


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