University of Exeter Hornby Trust Scholarships – €15,000

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The University of Exeter is a beacon of academic innovation nestled in Devon, England. It offers a unique combination of historical significance with modern research innovations. The University of Exeter is a place that combines tradition with contemporary learning to create an environment that fosters intellectual growth and discovery. The Hornby Trust Scholarships are a standout among the university’s many scholarship programs. They represent the university’s commitment to academic excellence and international collaboration. These scholarships were established with generous funding from the Hornby Trust to help deserving internationals pursue their academic goals at Exeter. The Hornby Trust Scholarships, which offer a generous award of EUR15,000 to deserving international students, not only ease the financial burdens associated with higher education but also provide them with a wealth of opportunities to excel in their chosen field.

Scholarship Overview


Purpose At their core, University of Exeter Hornby Trust scholarships are designed to foster international academic exchange and nurture a new generation of leaders, innovators, and researchers. The scholarship provides substantial financial support to ensure that talented international students have access to the world-class education at Exeter, without being constrained by economic hardship.

Value The EUR15,000 Scholarship is a testament first-classmaster’sto the Hornby Trust’s commitment to education, and the University of Exeter’s dedication to inclusivity. This substantial financial package covers tuition and living expenses. It makes a significant difference to the lives of recipients.

Duration : The scholarship is usually awarded for the entire duration of the student’s academic program. It represents a long-term commitment to the academic and personal growth of students. Scholars must maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to continue to enjoy the benefits of this program.

Eligibility Criteria

The Hornby Trust Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate both academic excellence and the ability to positively contribute to their community or field of study.

  • Nationality/Residency: Open to international students from specified countries, particularly those from lower-income and developing regions, the scholarship aims to bridge the gap in educational opportunities across the globe.
  • Academic level: The scholarship is primarily aimed at postgraduate students. It supports those who are pursuing masters degrees in various disciplines and encourages advanced study and research.
  • Field of Study While the Hornby Trust supports a wide range of subjects, priority may be given to those that align with its objectives, including education, environmental sustainability, and development studies.
  • Academic requirements: The applicant must have an excellent academic record. This is usually demonstrated by a first class undergraduate degree, or its equivalent in other countries.
  • Additional Criteria : Candidates are evaluated on leadership qualities, their community involvement, and their potential impact on the development of their home country.

Application Process

The Hornby Trust Scholarship application process is competitive and rigorous. It is designed to identify candidates who are academically gifted, but also motivated by the desire to make a positive difference.

  • Deadline for Scholarship Applications The deadlines are usually set early in the spring of the academic year.
  • Documents Required: Prospective Scholars are required to submit an application package that includes academic transcripts, personal statements, and letters attesting to their achievements and character.
  • How To Apply Candidates must first receive an offer of a postgraduate degree before they can apply for a scholarship.
  • Selection process The selection committee uses a holistic review, taking into account academic merit, personal accomplishments, and potential impact on the applicant’s career trajectory, as well as their contribution to the development of society.

Benefits of Scholarship


The Hornby Trust Scholarships provide a wide range of benefits that enhance the academic and professional growth of the recipients.

  • Financial Assistance The EUR15,000 Scholarship is designed to ease the financial burden associated with international study. It covers essential expenses, allowing students to concentrate on their academic studies.
  • Academic support: The recipients will have access to exclusive resources and mentoring by leading academics. They will also be able to participate in cutting edge research.
  • Career Development The University of Exeter Career Zone offers scholarship recipients personalized career advice, workshops to improve employability skills and networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Success Stories

The Hornby Trust Scholarships are transforming the lives of many students. They have helped them achieve their professional goals, and make meaningful contributions to society.


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