Fully Funded Scholarships in the USA 2024

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Students around the world dream of studying abroad in the United States, which offers unmatched academic opportunities, cultural experience, and career paths. The financial burden of studying abroad is often a barrier. Fully funded scholarships can help students overcome financial obstacles and also demonstrate their academic achievement. Full-funded scholarships in the USA cover more than tuition fees. They also cover living costs, health insurance, and travel expenses.


Looking ahead to 2024, we see that the range of fully funded scholarships in the USA is vast and diverse, covering a variety of disciplines, backgrounds, and aspirations. Understanding the specifics of these scholarships, their criteria, application process, and benefits, can be the key to unlocking an entire world of educational possibilities.

There are different types of fully funded scholarships

Federal and State Scholarships

Scholarships funded by the government are a great opportunity for both domestic and foreign students. These scholarships can be awarded based on merit, need, or a combination. They provide a comprehensive package to support students through their academic journey.

Scholarships for University Students

Many US universities offer fully-funded scholarships to attract students with talent from all over the world. These scholarships can cover the entire cost of education for a student, including tuition, board, and room.

Private and Nonprofit Scholarships

Scholarships are offered by private organizations, non-profits, and foundations. They offer awards based on several criteria including the field of study, leadership skills, and community involvement. These scholarships are often designed to help students who embody and support the goals and values of the sponsoring organization.

Scholarships for specific subjects

Subject-specific scholarships are a great way to provide financial assistance for students who pursue specific fields of study. These scholarships aim to encourage talent in strategic areas, like STEM, the humanities, or the arts. They may be offered by universities, professional associations, or private foundations.

Top Scholarships Fully Funded for 2024

Fulbright Scholarship Program


The Fulbright Scholarship Program is a cornerstone of international education exchange. It offers students, professionals, and scholars the chance to study, conduct research, or teach in the USA, as well as around the globe. The eligibility criteria are broad and welcomes applicants from different disciplines and countries. The application process requires a detailed proposal as well as academic transcripts and letters of recommendation. Benefits include full tuition, living expenses, insurance, and travel expenses. It is one of the most comprehensive scholarships available.

Rhodes Scholarships are available at Oxford University

The Rhodes Scholarship, although not exclusive to the USA, is a prestigious scholarship that allows outstanding students from all over the world to attend the University of Oxford. This scholarship is included because it’s so important and many American students strive to become Rhodes Scholars. The eligibility criteria include academic excellence, leadership ability, and a desire to make a difference. requires a personal essay, academic endorsements, and an interview. Benefits include all college and university fees, as well as a travel stipend and a personal allowance.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is similar to the Rhodes Scholarship in that it provides full funding for graduate studies at the University of Cambridge. The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is for students who have outstanding intellectual ability, leadership capacity, and a desire to improve the lives of others. The eligibility criteria are strict and focus on academic excellence as well as the potential to contribute to society. requires a detailed application, including a personal essay, research proposal for PhD candidates, and references. Benefits include the full cost of study at Cambridge, as well as a maintenance allowance and travel expenses.

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