ADB-Japan Scholarship Program for Developing Countries in Asia and the Pacific

The following is a brief introduction to the topic:

Through the ADB Japan Scholarship Program, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has created a beacon of light for postgraduate students in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific. This is more than a scholarship. It’s an effort to develop the next generation of leaders and innovators that will be critical in ensuring the sustainability of their country and region.

Scholarship Overview


Purpose The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for highly qualified citizens from ADB member countries in developing regions to pursue postgraduate studies in fields such as economics, management, and science and technology.

Value The scholarship includes tuition fees, housing, subsistence allowances, a book allowance, and allowances for instructional materials and books, as well as medical insurance and travel expenses. The scholarship may also include additional funding to support language and thesis research.

Duration: The scholarship is usually for two years for master’s degree programs. However, there are provisions to extend the scholarship under certain conditions. This ensures that recipients have enough time to finish their studies.

Eligibility Criteria

The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program was designed for those who want to contribute to the economic and socio-economic development of their country. The eligibility criteria are:

  • Nationality Applicants must not be dual citizens in any developed countries and they must be citizens from an ADB member country.
  • Academic level The scholarship is only available for postgraduate study, including master’s and doctoral programs.
  • Field of Study Candidates should select fields that support sustainable development. These can range from environmental science to public policy, and business administration.
  • Academic requirements: Bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) with a superior academic record.
  • Work experience: Relevant employment experience, especially in fields related to development, will enhance your application.

Application Process

The ADB-Japan Scholarship application process is competitive and rigorous. It is designed to identify candidates with exceptional academic ability, but also the potential to make a positive impact on their community.

  • Deadline for Application: Deadlines may vary from institution to institution, but are typically between December and April of the academic year following.
  • Documents Required: The applicant must submit a complete package, including a detailed transcript of their academic records, a filled-out application form, letters of recommendation, and a written statement that describes the career goals and motivations for applying.
  • Selection process: The selection is based upon several criteria including academic merits, professional experience, and potential contributions to development. The selection process is competitive. ADB and the institutions conduct thorough evaluations to identify the best candidates.

Participating Institutions


The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program is partnered with a group of select universities and institutions in Asia and the Pacific that are renowned for academic excellence and their commitment to sustainable development. These institutions offer postgraduate courses aligned with the scholarship objectives. Among them, you can find:

  • The University of Tokyo in Japan: Offers advanced degree programs in international relations, engineering, environmental studies, and other fields.
  • University of Auckland in New Zealand is known for its research on science, technology and environmental planning. It offers scholars the opportunity to study in a city that has been rated as one of the most liveable in the world.
  • The Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand): This institute focuses on engineering, management and the environment to promote innovation and sustainable growth.

Each institution participating in the program brings their unique strengths, and offers scholars a wide range of specializations, from sustainable energy technologies to economic policy, management, and management.

Scholarship Benefits

Comprehensive Financial Support

The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program offers a comprehensive package which covers all expenses during the postgraduate study of the scholar. This includes:

  • The full tuition fee ensures that scholars can pursue their education free of financial burdens.
  • Monthly allowances for housing, living expenses and educational materials.
  • Students can enjoy peace of mind with health and medical insurance.
  • The initial trip to the institution of study and the return journey home after the completion of studies are covered by the travel expenses.
  • The grant will be used to prepare and conduct research for the thesis, which will allow scholars to work on meaningful projects in their fields of study.

Academic and Professional Development

The scholarship program provides opportunities for professional and academic growth. Scholars are encouraged by the scholarship program to participate in research projects, workshops, internships and other activities that will enhance their knowledge and skills. Scholars can connect with professionals and academics from around the world through networking events, conferences, and seminars.

Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange is an integral part of, the ADB-Japan Scholarship Program. The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program gives scholars the chance to learn about the culture of their host country, enriching the educational experience. It also fosters mutual respect and understanding between diverse communities. This aspect of program enhances not only personal growth, but also builds bridges of friendship and cooperation across the Asia Pacific region.

Success Stories

The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program has had a profound impact on its alumni who have played significant roles both in their own countries and abroad. You can, for example:

  • Linh Nguyen is a Vietnamese scholar with a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the Asian Institute of Technology. She has played a key role in the development of sustainable water management practices for Vietnam and improved the quality of living in many rural communities.
  • Raj Patel from India completed his Master of Business Administration at the University of Auckland. He then returned to India and launched a renewable energy startup, helping to contribute to India’s transition to sustainable energy sources.

These stories demonstrate the power of a scholarship to transform lives, not only in those of the beneficiaries but also the wider context of progress and development in their countries.

How to maximize your scholarship experience

The ADB-Japan Scholarship is more than just academic excellence. Future scholars are encouraged:

  • Participate actively in the academic life and culture of the host institution.
  • Find research and internships aligned with your career goals.
  • Create a network of fellow academics and professionals.
  • Take part in extracurricular and community service activities to enrich their experience and to contribute to the community.


Answering frequently-asked questions can help applicants navigate the complex scholarship program.

  • Q. Can the scholarship be used to fund any postgraduate course?
    • A: The scholarship will be awarded to specific fields of studies that are beneficial for the development of both the home country of the applicant and the region. The scholarship will focus on specific fields of study, including environmental science, economicsto, and health.
  • Q. What is the ADB Japan Scholarship selection process?
    • A: The selection is based on academic excellence, work experience and the impact that the student’s studies could have on their development. This process includes an evaluation of the applicant’s academic record, their work experience, a letter of intent, and any letters of recommendation. Some institutions require an interview.
  • Q. Are there any obligations once I have completed my studies?
    • A: Scholars will be expected to return home after they have completed their studies in order to use the acquired knowledge and skills to help develop their country. The program is designed to develop leaders, who will be able to drive innovation and change in their fields and communities.

The conclusion of the article is:

The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program is a testament to how education can foster sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. The program offers comprehensive financial assistance, provides opportunities for academic and career growth, and fosters cultural exchanges. This not only enriches individual scholars’ lives, but also helps to achieve the regional goal of development and cooperation.

The scholarship is more than just a way to get financial assistance. It’s a chance for applicants to join a diverse and dynamic community of leaders, scholars, and professionals who are committed to making a positive difference. The journey of the scholarship program involves growth, discovery and contribution. It paves the way for an inclusive and sustainable future.

Contact Information

On the official website of the Asian Development Bank, you can find detailed information and application forms for those who wish to learn more or apply for the ADB Japan Scholarship Program. You can also get contact details. The Asian Development Bank’s official website provides detailed guidelines, application forms and contact details for those seeking more information or wishing to apply for the ADB-Japan Scholarship Program.

The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program offers aspiring leaders of developing countries the opportunity to pursue higher education, in areas that are critical to the development of their country. The program transforms lives by investing in education. It also contributes to a broader goal of sustainable growth across Asia and Pacific.


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